Uranus in 9th House Synastry

Uranus in 9th House Synastry

Uranus in 9th House synastry relationships are formed based on mutual interest in everything new and unusual, especially in matters of religion, education, philosophy. The partners willingly travel for educational purposes, deal with business and occult issues, and simply love changing places. The “Uranian” personality inspires the Ninth House personality to seek truths from their own experiences, which stimulates the development of clairvoyance, intuition and lucid dreaming.

Joint engagement in religion, occultism, mysticism, and other teachings implies participation in diverse social groups, which significantly expands the circle of their mutual acquaintances and friends, contributing to greater social activity. At the same time, the idealism of Uranus in Ninth House synastry partners makes them choose friends from like-minded people.

With the negativity of Uranus, certain difficulties arise due to (1) pursuing unreasonable projects and ideas, and (2) mutual stimulation of the partners’ unrealistic voluntaristic worldviews.

If the synastry is positive, the personality of the Ninth House helps the “Uranian” one reach the heights of self-expression, thanks to the effective realization of their abilities. That, in turn, helps the personality of the Ninth House to understand what exactly they do in their joint life activity.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Uranus in 9th House Synastry Explained

If the Uranus of this partner is active, it will disturb you greatly: be they only dreams or real, the dangers and inexplicable charm of distant travels will confuse the everyday course of your thoughts, and even the stars on a moonless night sky will seem less indifferent and remote as always.

When working on a Uranus in 9th House Synastry, the partner can give you a lot by pointing out the signs of fate that are essential for your development. He or she can become your guide to areas of knowledge that are far from you, inviting to unknown cultures. But you should not expect more than the partner is able to offer you. This, according to your first impression, may be very little, and only later, having mastered control over a formerly inaccessible sphrere of knowledge, you’ll understand how important those hints and indications provided by this partner turned out to be.

At a low level of evolutionary development, you can perceive your Uranus in Ninth House synastry partner’s actions sharply negatively. It may seem that, instead of clearly explaining things that are difficult for you, he or she deliberately confuses you even more. Indeed, it can be difficult for this partner to be with you, and it will probably seem to them that you want too much: for example, to win a car in the lottery and learn how to drive in a week, because next month it’s your vacation.

However, you don’t consider your desires to be unfulfillable, so any resistance from your Uranus in 9th House synastry partners makes you feel like they simply don’t want to share with you something valuable. In general, if you do not quarrel with this type of partners, you will not be bored together as this is a highly energetic aspect.

from A. Podvodny

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