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Mercury in 5th House Synastry

Mercury in 5th House synastry. The “Mercury” personality intellectually stimulates the personality of the Fifth House, which begins to look very differently at both the basic and the spiritual aspects of life. Both partners, based on the emerging relationship, find many common interests in the cultural, business and domestic spheres of life.

The creative self-expression and artistry of the Fifth House personality is, without a doubt, of great interest to the highly intellectual “Mercury” partner. Since Mercury is essentially a neutral planet, the formation of relationships based on a purely physical attraction is completely uncharacteristic for this combination, so romantic relationships here are formed on the basis of high feelings and emotions.

Since Mercury in the Fifth House synastry partners find great pleasure in intellectual communication with each other, this comparative aspect is particularly effective in educational and pedagogical relationships (for example, between a teacher and her pupil, or a guru and his disciple).

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Mercury in 5th House Synastry Explained

Mercury in 5th House synastry can provide partnerships that resemble elaborate intellectual cat-and-mouse games. They are more or less innocent and safe, depending on aspects of the fifth House and Mercury. In your life scenarios, you will give this partner the role of a messenger, or a friend, with whom you discuss your pressing problems and who will express a predetermined opinion. Later, sticking to the plot, you will succumb to this opinion, often to blame the partner for what is happening.

The danger threatening your Mercury in 5th House synastry partner lies in overestimating their mental and verbal efforts directed at you. You will always perceive their messages through the prism of your scenario, which is why anything that doesn’t fit it will most likely miss your consciousness (and subconsciousness) altogether.

If the partner attempts to break out of the role assigned to them, for instance, by speaking with you seriously, they will run into resistance whose nature will be very difficult to understand for both of you. This resistance is begot by the very life scenario created perhaps years and decades ago and having grown so deeply into your life that it can be extremely difficult to refute it or go beyond it.

However, initially the Mercury in the Fifth House synastry partner may get the impression that you are easy to manage, and that you quickly succumb to the influence of their words and arguments. They will truly inspire you, but the activation of the Fifth House will show, above all, its evolutionary level. Depending on it, you may put on a tough role, run to the gym, give birth to a child, or write a rock-opera. The partner will be very interested in helping you with their words, and if their evolutionary level is high enough the words could be followed by appropriate deeds.

from A. Podvodny

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