Pluto in 9th House Synastry

Pluto in 9th House Synastry

Pluto in 9th House synastry relationships are based on the strong desire of both parties to self-improvement and increase their intellectual level through a deep study of sciences, cultural and aesthetic values, as well as spiritual and religious teachings (including lucid dreaming).

Such partners love to travel for educational purposes, explore other countries and cultures. The philosophical and religious worldview combined with the ability to correctly analyze life experience allows them to navigate reality well. The partners are actively involved in business, professional activities, social projects (especially if they have philosophical implications), the problems of reincarnation, and the eternity of the soul.

With negative aspects, disagreements between partners violate the harmony irrevocably as they feel it is easier to give up on the relationship entirely than to keep it going.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Pluto in 9th House Synastry Explained

Pluto in 9th House synastry partners can play a pivotal role in your life if you understand this role correctly and accept it internally. However, at first, the partner’s oppressively gloomy critical attitude towards your narrowly specialized or esoteric pursuits may seem extremely harsh and unfair: after all, symbolically the Ninth House is ruled by Jupiter and therefore your self-esteem in its spheres is heightened. But if you try to accept the remarks of your Pluto in 9th House synastry partner and accept the inevitable losses (which will concern both for your word and that very self-esteem) then ultimately you will make significant progress on the esoteric path.

You will tend to perceive Pluto’s activity in the life of a partner as an opportunity to observe rare and mysterious events: fatal circumstances, forced sacrifices and cruel purges can literally turn out to be revelations, shedding light on a previously unknown reality. However, under no circumstances should you suppress such experiences in the subconscious, even if they were unpleasant: on the contrary, you should strive to realize how they are related to you and your life views.

In general, Pluto in 9th House synastry is rather dangerous for the partner, especially if you go on a long journey with him, although it may seem to him (and to you) the opposite. But if the partner becomes famous and gains great power, then the most extraordinary circumstances may occur (the Ninth House’s position in your natal chart will reveal their nature).

In the life of average people, Pluto in 9th House synastry may go unnoticed, except for the moments of disaster in your partner’s life and periods of intense esoteric training on your part. But, in the course of your evolutionary development and the growth of energy potential, this aspect sounds increasingly louder and clearer.

from A. Podvodny

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