Jupiter in 1st House Synastry

Jupiter in 1st House Synastry

Jupiter in 1st House Synastry is the aspect of a kind and generous, but not too attentive uncle who cares about a wide smile on your face while any other circumstances of your life somehow slip away from his consciousness. Your smile does bring him happiness, but it seems to both of you that it’s the other way around, and he’s shattering you with his generosity. A closer look at Jupiter in 1st House synastry shows that the “uncle’s” generosity somehow does not reach you well, leaving but a superficial impression.

However, you perceive this “uncle” through the prism of its supposed nobility and unselfish generosity, and it can be difficult for you to get rid of this impression, especially since any of your personal manifestations push him in this direction. Even if he is by nature a terrible nerd and a cheapskate, when you see him there is something like a smirk on his face that should represent a wide smile, and there is a not quite clear impulse to give you something or say something good (if Jupiter is weak it may not work well, but the Jupiter impulse itself is usually well visible).

The Celestial Embodiment of Male Desirability

This partner under Jupiter in 1st House synastry will be a strong temptation to spoil you, praise for non-existent personal virtues, and teach from a higher position, and you will be pleased to be proud of him or her at least for something: in married couples, such an aspect at a low level can be adored by both spouses and equally hate by those around. For example, a wife with husband’s or child’s Jupiter in her First House can all her life sincerely praise him, admiring virtues that are completely invisible to everybody else.

When you work on improving Jupiter in 1st House synastry, your partner helps you develop a greater breadth of personality, and you bring them new opportunities, luck and happiness.

from A. Podvodny

Jupiter in 1st House Synastry Explanation

The “Jupiterian” personality has a positive effect on the person of the “First House”, in every way contributing to its self-expression and self-improvement, helping to develop a positive worldview. The personality of the First House, in turn, helps the Jupiterian one implement their ideas and projects more actively.

With active cooperation between partners, under Jupiter in 1st House synastry constructive relations develop in the cultural, educational, philosophical and social spheres. The partners charge each other with energy and vitality, they love to travel and jointly increase their intellectual level. At the same time, the partners are engaged in issues at home, considering family a crucial aspect of living together.

Alternatively, with Jupiter’s negativity the personality of the First House may feel that the Jupiterian manifests some strange benevolence and indulgence, trying to win disposition towards itself, or it suddenly becomes a hypocrite and exhibit highly critical nature.

by Geocult

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