The Celestial Embodiment of Male Desirability

The Celestial Embodiment of Male Desirability

When you think of the quintessential desirable male in literature, the usual suspects that dance their way into your mind are the likes of Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice”, the notorious Rhett Butler from “Gone with the Wind”, the enigmatic Christian from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and the indomitable James Bond himself. Their magnetic personalities act like potent elixirs of attraction that beguile and bewitch their female counterparts, making their allure irresistible. But when we view male desirability through the lens of astrology, another fascinating character ascends from the realm of fiction, dazzling us with his celestial appeal – Daniel Courage, the protagonist of D. Rudoy’s novel “Martina Flawd”.

Daniel Courage may not immediately strike you as the archetype of male desirability since his journey, fraught with uncertainty and exploration, seems far removed from the common stereotypes. Yet, it is precisely this journey – underscored by a complex web of experiences, emotions, relationships, and sex – that makes him an embodiment of a unique, cosmic desirability. Which he owes entirely to his author who, with his intricate understanding of astrology (unsurprising, given the book is subtitled as “A Novel on Metaphysical Love and Common Magic”), masterfully weaves the astral narrative, making his protagonist an emblem of a desirability rooted in the stars.

Of course, we can only speculate about the exact natal chart of a fictional hero, but the signs are clear: Courage must have his Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio with both planets linked by a trine, as well as Jupiter ensconced in his 8th house as the whole story of “Martina Flawd” is inextricably tied to these astral signatures which define Courage’s enigmatic charm and magnetism. So, let’s dive into the cosmic character of Daniel Courage and unravel the astral secrets that make him the celestial embodiment of male desirability.

Mars in Pisces: The Subtle Dominator

Some online interpretations of Mars in Pisces believe that this is a hard placement because Neptune-governed Pisces tend to dissipate Mars’s energy. Well, it’s true that a Mars in Pisces man isn’t the one who throws you against the wall and takes you hard and fast with the blunt force of Mars in Aries or the fiery passion of Mars in Leo. However, true dominance isn’t about force or aggression: it’s about confidence and making a woman trust you enough to surrender and let you take full control while she is enjoying every moment of it.

Not only a man with Mars in Pisces can do that, but he can do it with only a gaze, a whisper, and an accidental touch of his finger. Pisces calls for a softer, more nuanced expression of Mars’s energy: a slow burn, an insidious heat that seeps into you and subverts your senses until you’re drowning in desire. Such is the unique superpower of Mars in Pisces men: the ability to completely dominate a woman, both physically and psychologically, without ever resorting to force.

To unleash that superpower, all this man needs to do is to believe in himself; and once he does, no woman can resist him. In this light, Rudoy’s “Martina Flawd” is a clinical study on how Mars in Pisces evolves from an insecure teenage boy who can’t even get a kiss to a man sleeping with several trophy wives on a single night, leaving each breathless. A sharp-tongued Yakuza daughter who likes it quick and dirty, a prim English princess with a penchant for masochistic torture, a vindictive heiress to a South American mining empire – nothing is beyond Mars in Pisces’ irresistible touch.

This uncanny adaptability is another signature advantage of this underrated placement. Just like water takes the shape of whatever container it’s in, a Mars in Pisces man can be the insatiable lover, the dominant master, the tender boyfriend, the rough sex buddy, or anyone else. He can shift and change seamlessly, accommodating his partners’ most coveted desires and giving them the very satisfaction and thrill they crave, all while enjoying himself in the process just as much as they do.

But what’s even more amazing is that an evolved Mars in Pisces man does not “interview” the women to find what they want: instead, he senses it silently, and unmistakably. This power is so subtle that sometimes such men aren’t even aware of the nuanced changes and tweaks that happen, making them a perfect match for each woman, no matter how coy or depraved. From their viewpoint, sex is just a dance of mutual pleasure, a fascinating chase of the elusive peak where the woman is ready to experience the release of a lifetime, so they simply make sure she does get there: time and time again.

Pluto in Scorpio: The Sorcerer of Sensuality

The primal drive of Pluto finds its abode in Scorpio, the zodiac’s quintessence of depth and mystery. Like the god of the underworld, Pluto in Scorpio delves deep, unearthing long-buried sexual desires and bringing them to light in all their glory. Here, sexual energy is not used merely for the corporeal satisfaction that Mars in Pisces seeks: a Pluto in Scorpio man craves an immersive transformation that redefines boundaries and turns taboos into milestones on the way to a sublime success.

Rudoy’s Courage does precisely that, using his love as means to become a powerful sorcerer and lucid dreamer. Such is the nature of Pluto in Scorpio: it perceives sex as an alchemical process, with each intimate encounter being a heated crucible where carnal urges, no matter how risky and perverse, melt into something exquisite. That’s why the true genius of a Pluto in Scorpio man lies not in his pursuit of erotic extremes per se but in his intrinsic understanding of their cathartic potential. He seeks not just a partner but an accomplice who revels in and willingly surrenders to her lascivious whims and shies away from nothing (which perfectly describes Martina as she has the same placement). Here, the boundaries of pleasure are not just pushed but completely obliterated, paving the way for a sexual experience that is raw, unapologetically decadent, and tantalizingly transformative.

Like a true sorcerer of sensuality, the Pluto in Scorpio man not only uncovers and caters to his partners’ deepest fantasies but also remolds them, takes them apart and puts them back together in a glorious maelstrom of sensation and satisfaction. That is the hallmark of the Pluto in Scorpio man: a master of eroticism, a purveyor of perverse pleasure, a deity of debauched desire. And the best part about Pluto in Scorpio is that this generational placement spanned from early 1980-s to late 1990-s, so there’s plenty of those people around.

Pluto in Scorpio Trine Mars in Pisces: The Key to Liberation

The exquisite marriage of Pluto in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces, this trine blends the transformative intensity of Pluto with the receptive sensitivity of Mars, yielding a man of raw magnetism and searing sensuality who can navigate the intricate maze of the female soul with unmatched precision. His natural dominance is never brutish; he understands and appreciates his lover’s deepest and darkest desires; and he encourages her to realize them to the fullest, providing every bit of support she needs along the way. And the ultimate power of this man lies in his ability to uncover the suppressed yearnings that the woman hid not only from the world, but even from herself.

In our society of hypocrisy and constant judgement, healthy manifestations of female sexuality constantly get pushed under the rug, causing lifelong frustration, unhappiness, and self-doubt as unacknowledged passions seethe beneath the polished facade. But a man with the trine of Pluto in Scorpio to Mars in Pisces sees right through this veneer, sensing the latent heat and stripping away social masks to delve deep into the shadowy recesses of the psyche. He is the key who unlocks the woman’s prison and invites her on the journey of self-discovery toward her ultimate liberation: a place of utter comfort and inner peace where she fully embraces her sexual power.

An evolved Mars in Pisces is a sight to behold, but unfortunately, most men with that placement settle for the modest level of development instead of growing into Rudoy’s Courage. Pluto in Scorpio is the master of the bedroom who draws out your most clandestine desires, but without spiritual guidance, external or internal, this man can easily turn into a black magician using others for his benefit. But a trine between them creates a man who doesn’t just know how to touch a woman’s body: he knows how to caress her soul.

Jupiter in 8th House: The Benevolent Sex Guru

Mars and Pluto are usually considered the key elements in identifying one’ sexual profile, as well as the 8th House which is directly responsible for sex (as well as shared resources, magic, and, ultimately, death). However, with a trine between Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio, having either planet in 8th House would drastically increase the likelihood of sexual obsession, making the person uninterested in seeking common grounds outside the bedroom. For a harmonious balance between unmatched sexual expertise and the other aspects of life, Jupiter in 8th House is a much better choice.

In Rudoy’s novel, Courage and Flawd are involved in a decade-long project that kicks sex to a spiritual level while openly flirting with concepts some faint-hearted people could call demonic. However, if they got married, nobody would have said they did it just because of the sex (except the hopeless hypocrites) because, despite the drastic differences in their backgrounds, Courage and Flawd hit a common ground regardless of they talk about. Theater and literature, money and psychology, etiquette and fashion… and, by the way, did we mention sex yet?

Jupiter in his 8th House transforms Rudoy’s Courage in a true sex guru: someone who doesn’t just sense the best answer or intuitively does the right thing but who knows exactly what he is doing and can explain it thoroughly. This is most evident in the novel’s final chapter where Daniel breaks down what happened and lays out the most probable scenarios of the future, but his staggering sexual stamina which got him to that point would simply not be enough without this placement. Jupiter is akin to a valuable bonus given for free: it makes something that others may find impossible easy, and when it lands in a man’s Eighth House, it either enables him to have uninterrupted sex for hours, or bestows him with masterful sexual techniques, or both (as we see in Courage’s case).

In Conclusion

The astrology of male desirability, as exemplified in the character of Daniel Courage, reflects a masterful balance of astral influences. His Mars in Pisces endows him with an irresistible magnetism and an empathetic understanding of his partner’s drives, while Pluto in Scorpio imbues him with the transformative intensity of a primal sorcerer. The harmonious trine between these planets propels him further on the path of sexual liberation, allowing him to unlock suppressed desires in his partners and lead them towards self-discovery. Lastly, Jupiter in his 8th House rounds off this cosmic profile by providing an unparalleled wisdom, versatility, and sexual stamina.

These astrological elements blend together in Daniel Courage to form a unique embodiment of male desirability. Rudoy’s nuanced understanding of astrology breathes life into this complex character, making him a compelling testament to the powerful interplay of the stars. Through Courage, we see that the art of attraction isn’t about what’s easily visible on the surface, but a deep, otherworldly connection that taps into hidden hungers, fostering growth, transformation, and liberation.

Ultimately, the character of Daniel Courage in “Martina Flawd” presents us with a celestial perspective on perfect male desirability, challenging the conventional norms that have been long outdated. It’s a bold call to revisit and rethink our understanding of sex, and to acknowledge the powerful forces that shape our passions and relationships – often unbeknownst to ourselves. And so, in the starlit world of fiction, Rudoy’s protagonist shines as the celestial embodiment of male desirability, guiding us towards a deeper, more profound appreciation of human nature.