The Moon in 11th House Synastry

Moon in 11th House Synastry

Moon in 11th House synastry is great for friendly and socially active relationships. Sharing the sensual and emotional side of the worldview, the partners find great pleasure in communicating with each other and are also able to organize and lead close-knit groups of like-minded people.

The personality of the Eleventh House helps the “lunar” one expand intellectual and social horizons while the latter provides a reliable and comfortable home base for a more dynamic development of the relationship.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Moon in 11th House Synastry Explained

I stole forth dimly in the dripping pause

Between two downpours to see what there was.

And a masked moon had spread down compass rays

To a cone mountain in the midnight haze

As if the final estimate were hers,

And as it measured in her calipers,

The mountain stood exalted in its place.

So love will take between the hands a face…


Robert Frost — “Moon Compasses

Moon in 11th House synastry will make your friendship warm: the partner will be happy to take care of you, demanding almost nothing in return. However, this aspect is fraught with many opportunities for abuse, and not the least of them will be the subconscious temptation of the partner to secretly enslave you, isolating you from the rest of the world and, especially, the informal groups in which you belong. Along with caring for you and under the guise of general sympathy for your group activities, the Moon in Eleventh House synastry partner can be very jealous of you and try to bind you to him- or herself as much as possible, first isolating you energetically, and then physically from all your group activities and interests.

If the partner’s Moon is harmonious, you may not even notice anything – just at some point you will find that all your circles and friends have disappeared, or you have lost all interest in them. But, of course, your life has become much more boring and monotonous.

If the partner’s Moon is afflicted, the same effects can occur as a result of a long series of showdowns, emotional outbreaks, or constant scandals and scenes of jealousy towards your friends and other hobbies. At the same time, the karmic meaning of the Moon in 11th House synastry is just the opposite. In any case, your group activities should support the energy of your partner and make their life more cozy and comfortable – but for this you both need to abandon possessive aspirations and understand that your union should be part of wider group life and work. Until the partner includes you in their subconscious, along with your informal groups and friends, your attitude may seem cold compared to their feelings for you.

from A. Podvodny

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