How to cleanse tarot cards

13 best tips on how to cleanse tarot cards

Tarot cards are a powerful tool for divination and self-reflection, but they can become clogged with energy over time. If you’re new to tarot card reading, let us teach you how to cleanse tarot cards properly before your next session. It’s an important step in preparing yourself for accurate insights about what the future may bring!

How to cleanse tarot cards?

Tarot cards are like a part of you, so why don’t you get them! Cleansed. It’s more like rebooting or restarting your laptop for completing the high-ticket project. Think of cleansing them as factory reset to remove all personalization energies, though it’s more than that. Moreover, new and experienced persons are always searching for how to cleanse tarot cards.

Whether new or used, cleansing them is perfect for getting them neutralized and recharged. The best method to cleanse tarot cards depends on your personal preferences and beliefs. Here are the 13 best practices on how to cleanse tarot cards and restore them to their original state:

Sun Baths

It is a great way to cleanse tarot cards made of paper or cardboard. Place your cards in direct sunlight for a few hours, and the bright light will help remove any negative energy or impressions. During the lunch break, take your cards outside and allow them to bask in the sun rays for half an hour. Focus on projecting energy into them while they’re positioned under the sunlight.


Smudging is a traditional method of cleansing objects or spaces with the smoke from sacred plants such as sage, cedar, or sweetgrass. To smudge your tarot cards, light a smudge stick and pass it over the cards, allowing the smoke to cleanse them.

Burning sage or other herbs is a popular way to cleanse objects and spaces of negative energy. You can either use a smudging stick or place the herbs in a censer and allow the smoke to waft over your cards.

Fresh Air

It’s important to give your tarot cards a good airing out occasionally. Place them outside in the fresh air for a few hours and allow the breeze to cleanse them of any negative energy.  

If you live in a non-polluted environment, spread your cards out on a clean table and allow them to receive the sun’s rays for a few hours. It will help remove any lingering negative energy from your cards.


Meditation is perfect for connecting with your tarot deck and strengthening its connection with you. Sit down to clear negative energy, or just have some fun focusing on the cards – think of them as friends instead! 

After you finish cleansing your tarot deck, be sure to thank the universe for its help in restoring it. Recharge by reading through and allowing positive energy from these cards to guide all future readings


Salt is a traditional cleansing agent that can cleanse tarot cards. Add a tablespoon of salt to a bowl of water and soak cards in the mixture for a few minutes. Rinse them off with clear water and allow them to dry completely before using them. Crystal

Crystals Cleansing

Crystals have cleansing and healing properties that can cleanse tarot cards. Place a crystal such as Quartz or Selenite on top of your decks for an hour, then remove it to release any negative energy from the playing surface before use again.


Reiki is an energy healing that can cleanse tarot cards. When you’re ready to use Reiki to clear, place the decks on top of each other with their backs facing outward. And then send out a flow between both hands toward those corners where they are touching one another.

For example- if there were four points, then make three contacts. Visualize white light surrounding these six surfaces: two sets now contained within one space – foreheads/brain

Sage and Salt

It is my favorite method for cleansing tarot cards because it restores their metaphysical properties and cleanses them. Mix a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of dried sage and lavender into a small bowl.

Transfer the mixture to a censer and light it with matches, allowing the smoke to waft over your cards. Once the smoke has cleared, carry your cards outside and, using your hand or an Asperger (bristle brush), brush the cards from top to bottom.


Tarot cards can be cleansed with water by submerging them in a bowl of water on top for just long enough. Sprinkle salt into the bottom before doing so and visualize all negative energy leaving as you immerse each card individually while sprinkling more around it to rid yourself of any residual stuck-ness left behind! 

Ocean Cleansing

If you have an ocean or a large body of water near you, visit it on a bright sunny day and allow the healing energy from nature’s sea to recharge your cards. Isn’t it fun to learn how to cleanse your tarot cards?

Moon Baths

Moon baths are a popular way to clean tarot cards by bathing them in the magical energies of the moon. To do it at night when there is a full, new, or crescent moon, set your deck out and allow it to bathe under its light for an hour.

One variation could be leaving them to soak overnight in water with added ingredients such as milk and honey. So, they absorb more energy from this natural source. Another idea would simply leave all decks flattered upright inside open boxes where you will find plenty of room due to their size!

Natural Elements

You can cleanse the deck by putting them in a flower pot filled with dirt and allowing their energies to be charged. Another option would be burying them overnight while banished or put near an earth-based plant that can do this same cleansing for you!

Manual Cleaning

Manually cleaning tarot cards is a more traditional approach that does not require special tools or ingredients. Simply take your soft, dry cloth and brush it off against the surface of each card for dirt residue before continuing onto another one to maintain their beauty so all may enjoy them!

Now you have got best practices on how to cleanse tarot cards. No matter the method, always focus on restoring them to their original energy and state. Please give them a final visual inspection to ensure no lingering negative energies when you’re finished. Store them at a safe place where they will be free from dirt, dust, and other negative influences.

Why cleanse your tarot cards?

Now you know how to cleanse tarot cards, it’s essential to understand why and what benefits you can expect from the cleansing. 

It helps remove any negative energy or impressions that may have been left on them. Though! It’s far more than that. The good old tradition to gift or acquire a tarot deck is all about cleansing them!

  • It’s to neutralize the past energies and get them recharged.
  • To remove the stagnant old energies that can get in the way of accurate readings. So, they won’t cause any negative mental or physical effects, nor will they interfere with the accuracy of your readings.
  • To Get the slate clean for a gift or when you grab a tarot deck. If somebody used your tarot cards, their energies are on it.
  • Avoid muddling or getting confused with energy that unintentionally gets in the way of accurate readings. 
  • Negativity can build up on tarot cards over time, primarily if used frequently. It can cause the readings to be inaccurate and can even lead to problems such as depression and anxiety.
  • Cleansing tarot cards also enhances their metaphysical properties, making them even more effective in magic spells and other spiritual practices.
  • Tarot cards that have been cleansed and charged with positive energy are safe to use.

When you cleanse your tarot cards, always be sure to focus on the intention of restoring them to their original energy and state. It will ensure that they are free from any negative influences and ready for use in your readings and other spiritual practices. Now that you know how to cleanse tarot cards, let us know which method is your favorite one!

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