full moon tarot spread

The full moon tarot spread & daring ritual

When the full moon shines its light on us, we can see more clearly. It’s like a beacon of hope that illuminates our way through life with clarity and purpose! This month, I want you all to share some rituals designed for celebrating this powerful natural full moon tarot spread – whether it be during an upcoming new phase in your journey or just because today you decided to take a break from the madding routine.

You are about to embark on an exciting journey that will allow you not only to see life more clearly but also feel its power within yourself. You’ll be able to connect with the universe and release anything holding back your success in this world! Paying attention to these cycles allows us time for self-care while also recharging our energy levels to continue forward toward new adventures without hesitation.

Let the journey begin!

The readings of self-reflection

It’s a great time for self-reflection because it’s when all those little bits of you begin coming together into one complete person—or at least as much yours alone as possible! And the full moon ritual is an experience of self-awareness and personal growth. The full moon’s energy is full of potential and power to create change in your life.

The full moon tarot spread consists of more than one full deck, so we’ll need to be able to shuffle them all. If you don’t have full decks for this full moon tarot ritual, get them beforehand and cut the cards into three piles, face down:

  • The past
  • The present
  • The future

Shuffle each pile thoroughly and then place each on top of each other. Do not let any part see the others! Take your time with this full moon ritual. Since there are no compulsions in this full moon tarot, spread doesn’t matter how long or short it takes for you to be satisfied that they are mixed up well enough. When you think you cannot do better, turn over the cards.

The full moon tarot spread

Astrologer’s tip: start by getting yourself in the right mood by reading poems about the moon!

Maybe there was a whole other side to your personality that people don’t see? The one where the sun doesn’t shine or perhaps keeps disappearing. I have built this full moon tarot reading, better known as “moons.”

In this full moon tarot spread, you will be working with the Major Arcana archetypes. The moon is associated with illusion, dreams, and the subconscious mind. The card often indicates that the querent is not seeing things as they are. This can manifest as confusion, deception, or simply not having all the information. Reversed the full moon tarot spread card points to paranoia, confusion, and miscommunication; your gut feeling tells you something may not be right.

So, let’s find out! Full moon tarot readings are great for reviewing what has happened in your life or turning it into a game of divination full-moon style! The full moon tarot spread is just perfect for that!


What you see in the mirror, full moon tarot spread, the moon often points to the querent’s self-perception. Our biases and dreams affect the perception we make. A reading can suggest that we are, especially if we are close to the issue at hand, not seeing things clearly and need to look at ourselves objectively. The full moon tarot spread can give us deeper insight into how we view ourselves.

Your gifts

The full moon tarot spread can also shed light on what you bring to the table. The full moon tarot spread can also shed light on what is currently going on in your life and the times when the full moon will be the most beneficial for your personal growth. If you want to do some full moon tarot reading, this spread is perfect!

The best qualities

The full moon is a powerful distributor of light and energy. It has the capability to activate our hormones, rejuvenate us or make us feel anxious depending on how we choose to use its energies in ourselves! With this said there’s no better time than now for you to take stock of all that went well last month as well as what isn’t working so far during early morning hours before sunrise when things are at their most clear (and let me tell ya – it feels amazing).

Fulfillment and joy

Full-moon rituals are a great way to get full of joy and fulfillment. The best part is that you can do them any day, not just on the night of or near new moons!

The hidden true potential

The full moon tarot reading is perfect for those looking to take advantage of their potential. The spread can be used as an additional tool in your arsenal that will help harness the power and magic behind this phenomenon, which has been witnessed by many cultures around the world since time immemorial!

Put away all cards once you’re done with them; don’t worry about counting or anything else – just make sure it’s done purposefully so there are no distractions while focusing on what lies ahead on a new month tomorrow morning at first light (or dusk).

What matters in full moon tarot spread?

What matters most in the full moon tarot spread is that you take some time for yourself, focus on your goals, and release whatever no longer serves. Be creative! Have fun with it—the energy of the next Major Event has arrived so beautifully just like a king coming to visit his queen at nightfall after having vanquished all his foes during daylight hours. You could even try out one-on-one mediation or meditation sessions if there are special things planned togetherness as well depending upon what kind of energies, we want our horizon filled up by here at home.

Connecting with your intuition is an integral part of tarot reading. Most readers claim that the cards give clear answers during the Full Moon phases when their intuitive powers are at their peak and improved over other times in life stages.

Final thoughts

The best way to tap into this ability is to find yourself on a crossroads or get on board for a full moon tarot spread. To create the most powerful effect, it’s important to cleanse your deck and sacred space. For example, with smoke or visualization before you lay out any cards! When full moon tarot reading, your intuition is on high alert and can guide you in the right direction. Trust what you see in the mirror full moon tarot spread!

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