Sun-Venus Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Sun-Venus Synastry: Opposite, Square, Conjunct, Trine, Sextile

Sun-Venus synastry combinations are among the most pleasant ones, often resulting in positive scenarios even in negative aspects. Provided that the other factors don’t disrupt the harmony of the relationship, the partners reach out to each other from the very beginning of their acquaintance, finding great pleasure from mutual communication. Sun-Venus synastry types often occur in successful marriages.

The Sun conjunct Venus synastry

The Sun conjunct Venus synastry is marked by a strong mutual attraction of the partners who are very pleased to be together and enjoy each other’s company. The partners are equally able to perceive the aesthetic and cultural values ​​of life and happily visit those places where they can enjoy themselves. The Sun conjunct Venus synastry relationships are considered ideal in the field of business, especially if the business is related to art. Under the Sun conjunct Venus synastry, a strong emotional-intuitive connection is possible since Venus exalts in Pisces. In the presence of a number of other significant factors, this aspect may well form a solid foundation for romantic relationships and subsequent marriage.

Venus conjunct Pluto synastry

Man’s Sun conjunct woman’s Venus

This version of the Sun conjunct Venus synastry indicates natural warmth and attention in a relationship. On the subconscious levels, the partners care for each other much like the father and the daughter. Material and spiritual wealth is possible. The radiance of the Sun and the love symbolized by Venus come together to create harmony.

Woman’s Sun conjunct Man’s Venus

This variation of the Sun conjunct Venus synastry appears in relationships where the man was likely effeminate in the past life. Now he must draw masculine strength from a strong woman. She represents the center of the relationship. Through her “shine” and support, his creativity is brought to light. The woman will continue to generate additional strength because her subconscious animus figure will manifest through the man.

The Sun trine Venus synastry

The Sun trine Venus synastry forms relationships based on romantic feelings, physical attraction, and the desire to create a family. The partners enjoy communicating with each other and have high hopes for the future. Mutual respect, a sensual attitude towards each other, and the absence of any overt emotional incompatibility are the main features of the Sun trine Venus synastry relationships. The spheres of the partners’ mutual interests include everything graceful and aesthetically beautiful.

They may become excellent partners in business and take great pleasure in raising their children. The atmosphere in their family is just great. The Sun trine Venus synastry partners succeed in social self-expression since each of them stimulates the other one to do it actively.

Man’s Sun trine woman’s Venus

This variation of the Sun trine Venus synastry brings a sense of lightness to the relationship but can cause laziness since each partner is satisfied with the other one by default. Acquiring material and spiritual wealth is possible here since the relationship is oriented towards cooperation. The man plays the role of a patron and protector, he is able to take on the necessary burden making the woman pliable and willing to succumb to her Apollo.

Woman’s Sun trine man’s Venus

This type of the Sun trine Venus synastry seems to remove friction from the relationship, thus increasing harmony. However, without friction, there is little incentive to grow. These people may lack challenges. In this case, the relationship has a female orientation and the man plays a cooperative but very secondary role. The woman subconsciously compares him with her father and feels protected while the man feels relieved of the burden of playing the traditional “masculine” role.

The Sun square Venus synastry

The Sun square Venus synastry implies a disparity on an emotional level. The “Venusian” considers the “Solar” as depleted in emotional sensitivity, consisting entirely of ambitions, and simply unbearable. The “Solar” considers the “Venusian” emotionally oversensitive and frivolous. Although The Sun square Venus synastry implies a romantic and intimate relationship, no serious feelings or a happy marriage is possible.

There are also significant differences in tastes and aesthetic assessments of life, as well as in everyday issues, including petty ones. Laziness and hedonism are present, and in the parent-child couple excessive, permissiveness and overt encouragement of pampering flourish.

Venus square Pluto synastry

Man’s Sun square woman’s Venus

This version of the Sun square Venus synastry is one of the most frustrating aspects of astrology. It evokes sexual attraction, and each individual hopes to find what he is looking for in another. But the relationship doesn’t seem to be reaching its goal. The woman may have some serious flaw that makes her vulnerable, and the man may lack the self-awareness necessary to express the potential that the woman sees in him. As a result, Man’s Sun square woman’s Venus synastry can be a source of inner frustration for both people.

Woman’s Sun square man’s Venus

This version of the Sun square Venus synastry indicates a tendency to subconsciously rearrange male and female roles. The woman often tries to find herself through the masculine energy expressed by her partner, however, she does not see him as a man. Conversely, the man sees in the woman everything he aspired to be but does not realize her femininity. Instead, he feels his own feminine side, which can be called a projection of the anima.

The woman may be struggling through a past conflict with her father. The man continues to look for his masculine role. If the partners are not mature enough to work out these difficulties, the relationship becomes deadlocked.

The Sun opposite Venus synastry

The Sun opposite Venus synastry is very common in romantic and family relationships although its energetic and creative principles conflict with the social and love principles. Yet no aspect between Venus and the Sun can be truly antagonistic so in this synastry, harmony and sympathy between the partners are simply not as prominent as in the positive aspects. Here, the emotional differences in tastes, preferences, and inclinations must be taken into account when assessing the likelihood of a successful marriage.

In a negative scenario, the “Venusian” may feel oppressed by the constant influence of the energetic ego of the “Solar” who regards the “Venusian” as lazy, weak, and overly sensitive. Moreover, the dynamics of the development of these contradictions will largely be determined by the relative positions of the Sun and Venus in the natal charts of these personalities. In a favorable scenario, both partners may find a sphere of common interests in the field of intellectual and cultural development. Business relations are likely, too. It is also possible to develop mutual understanding on an emotional level.

Man’s Sun opposite woman’s Venus

This aspect brings attraction and also indicates stagnation in the natural flow of love for light. Although a woman is attracted to a man, her concept of love is contrary to what he can give her. He must either stop being himself in order to be what she needs or learn to accept the restraint and remoteness that neither of them really wants. Both partners can achieve great prosperity, but real manifestation will be achieved only through work. However, subconscious laziness can slow down their progress.

Woman’s Sun opposite Man’s Venus

This aspect tests the role personality of both partners. A woman, in order to be herself, must often go against her natural love instincts, while a man, attracted by her strength, tends to yield to the “male will” that he sees in her. The man admires the woman but lacks self-satisfaction.

The Sun sextile Venus synastry

The Sun sextile Venus synastry predetermines a relationship characterized by mutual attraction and friendship. With an emotional understanding, the partners feel the joy of communicating with each other, equally understanding the cultural and aesthetic values ​​of being. In a positive scenario, the Sun sextile Venus synastry may well have a significant impact on the emergence of romantic feelings in relationships and even on the formation of a family union as both individuals enjoy living together. Business partnerships are most likely in the arts, fashion, luxury goods, and in all the areas related to social activity.

The energy principle is harmoniously combined with the social principle and that of love. A magnetic attraction arises. The Sun sextile Venus synastry is an aspect of sympathy, affection, intimacy, friendship, camaraderie, generosity, magnanimity, devotion, tolerance, benevolence, mutual admiration, and support. The Sun sextile Venus synastry is favorable for family happiness and marital fidelity. The partners inspire each other, their interests are aligned.

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