Neptune in Capricorn: Character and Fate

Neptune in Capricorn: Character and Fate

Neptune in Capricorn is a difficult position: the expansion-seeking nature of the planet does not fit with the limitation urge inherent to the zodiac sign. Because of this, people with Neptune in Capricorn may have a blurry view of the material world and adhere to narrowminded spiritualism completely subordinate to philistine needs. At the same time, the usual Neptunian tendency to indulge in substance abuse and illusory worlds is limited by Capricorn’s dry matter-of-factness.

Positive and negative traits of Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn people are conservative, committed to traditions in spiritual aspirations and religious views. They are inspired by the art, music, literature, and philosophy of the past. They approach religious issues objectively but also cynically and incredulous of spiritual and metaphysical ideas.


Under the influence of Neptune in Capricorn, people perceive life both logically and intuitively. They know how to structure and delimit collective ideas and successfully apply their skills to create political and religious organizations. Their spiritual development is rooted in a deep understanding of the processes in the material (“real”) world.

All emotions of Neptune in Capricorn people are controlled by reason. They need an extremely clear idea of ​​the truth. An example would be a hermit with rigid self-discipline who strives for practical realization of spiritual values.

Neptune in Capricorn people are conservative and have a practical approach to life. They are also committed to traditional religious views. They consider religion from a logical standpoint and exhibit healthy criticism, especially when it comes to esoteric ideas. They are also drawn to classical art and the exquisite music of the past.

The most prominent positive traits of Neptune in Capricorn include:

  • rationality;
  • developed intuition;
  • gentleness, benevolence;
  • equanimity;
  • accuracy in decision making;
  • reliability.


People with Neptune in Capricorn develop their own system of religious and ideological values. In a negative scenario, this person does not share their goals and plans and is ready to achieve what he or she wants even in a dishonest way. This creates a real egoist of an insidious and calculating nature who is ready to use others and dispose of them without remorse. This person is cunning, manipulative, and deceptive, especially in business and politics.

The most common challenges of Neptune in Capricorn include:

  • secrecy;
  • problems with imagination;
  • biased criticism;
  • lack of insight and sensitivity;
  • coldness.

The negativity of Neptune in Capricorn is more clearly seen in men. This is because Neptune is a female planet, so the Moon and Venus help women compensate for negative Neptunian tendencies while men often become callous and selfish like Capricorn on its lowest evolutionary level.

Neptune in Capricorn women

For a woman, Neptune in Capricorn opens the path of contemplation and self-reflection. She can be critical and even cynical about topics that everyone else finds sacred. These women are not afraid to express their opinions on customs and traditions that are important to society. However, since Neptune falls in Capricorn, criticism and misunderstanding from others are common.

Neptune in Capricorn women are smart, witty, independent, able to remain calm and dignified even in the most difficult situation. Neptune awakens in her a desire to do great things, and she, in turn, inspires those around her. This combination helps the woman find love and satisfaction as her creative, intuitive nature seems attractive to people. She understands the deep thoughts of others. A career allowing her to help society will bring a Neptune in Capricorn woman great pleasure.

Because of her manner of communication, behavior, way of thinking, people can consider a Neptune in Capricorn woman heartless and indifferent to other people’s problems. If she can understand and accept this without trying to prove anybody wrong, she will achieve remarkable success. She needs to create the image that others want to see, to prove her loyalty to them, and then all doors will open in front of her. As soon as she is able to inspire confidence, people will believe a Neptune in Capricorn woman unconditionally.

Neptune in Capricorn men

Neptune in Capricorn men are reasonable and endowed with a clear mind which does not tend to hover in the clouds and build smoke castles. Even if they are very afraid, these men can get rid of negative thoughts through will, maintaining a sober sense of reality. They are good at using imagination to solve practical problems. Quite often, men with Neptune in Capricorn have a well-developed intuition and a sense of beauty which help them cope with life’s issues. At the same time, they are less likely to turn to occult sources, magicians, or psychics.

Generational implications

Neptune confuses Capricorn and blurs the otherwise praiseworthy accuracy of its vision by providing copious interpretations of reality all of which are erroneous. At the same time, this generation is unsatisfied with pursuing nothing but earthly goals and needs them to contain a sacred meaning. This creates a fairly dangerous combination prone to exploitation by cult unscrupulous leaders and religious fanatics who see nothing wrong in turning the world into a nuclear bloodbath.

The Neptune in Capricorn generation eliminates the pre-existing forms of political and religious organization and forms new ones as humanity moves from abstract spirituality to a more rigid spiritual discipline. This is the time of cosmic reckoning with the Age of Pisces: anyone who will survive it will reach great heights in spiritual development, but Neptunian Capricorn does not make this easy. Only with favorable aspects to Pluto and Uranus (which will happen around 1992, when Neptune will unite with Uranus in Capricorn in a sextile to Pluto in Scorpio) and a lot of preliminary preparation and hard internal work will a new type of society emerge. We can hope that the generation born under the sextile of Neptune in Capricorn to Pluto in Scorpio (1984-1995) will create the foundation for the entire Age of Aquarius.

In the worst-case scenario, however, the Neptune in Capricorn generation will throw the world into an economic and political crisis the likes of which no living human being has ever seen.