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Mars in 12th House + Synastry

Mars in 12th House does not create a strong impression of activity and drive. People may underestimate what the native (the person with this placement) has accomplished or failed to accomplish, feeling that it’s not worth paying attention to. And the native does not advertise her activities either, trying to hide her thoughts, desires and actions from other people.

Mars in 12th House is capable of activities that involve a high level of confidentiality. It may also thrive in closed institutions, religious organizations and medical facilities. Sometimes Mars in the 12th House signifies frequent foreign business, or emigration.

A Mars in 12th House person prefers to work in a separate office where no one can disturb him. He is not always aware of the consequences of his decisions, but he strives to complete any task he has been assigned. He relies heavily on his intuition. His work is often difficult to explain in words because he does not always know how he came up with a given result.

Mars in 12th House bestows a rich imagination which can be realized through art. Negatively aspected Mars in the 12th house can indicate problems with the law and periods of forced isolation from society. The native needs to be honest, truthful and fair, and avoid intrigues, frauds and illegal actions.

The placement of Mars in the 12th house—the house of diseases—can cause trouble for the native, manifesting as illness and injuries caused by animals. People with this placement are often forced to spend long periods of time in clinics, where they have little opportunity to expend their energy. When the flow of energy stagnates, high internal tension can lead to psychosomatic illnesses.


A man with a Mars in the 12th House may not possess strong leadership abilities but does know what humility, mercy, helping one’s neighbor and being kind are. At the same time, he is secretive, cautious and attentive. He likes to be left alone and plans his actions carefully. He acts only when he has the perfect opportunity, which sometimes interferes with other people’s lives. Over time, he comes to see what fate is and that life can teach you valuable lessons if you do not go against the will of God.


Mars describes the woman’s natural partner, and by understanding this she is better equipped to find her ideal mate. Women with Mars in 12th House prefer men who are spiritually rich, merciful, creative, and dreamy. If the woman’s Mars is negatively aspected and/or weak, then the spouse may be sick and suffer hardships. Sometimes Mars in 12th House is an indication of inconsistency in relationships and infidelity.

Mars in 12th House Synastry

Mars in 12th House synastry relationships are based on activity at the subconscious level. The “Martian” personality excites the subconsciousness of the Twelfth House person. If Mars is negative, this causes activation of unpleasant and even painful memories causing unwanted emotional-sensory reactions. In this regard, the person of the Twelfth House considers the “Martian” to be rude and intrusive while she, in turn, considers the personality of the Twelfth House impractical, hovering in the clouds, indecisive, weak, and morally unstable.

With very high negativity of the aspect, real psychological cruelty can be expected from one or both sides. Latent outright hostility is possible. With a positive aspect, the partners are able to calmly resolve any conflicts without prejudice and continue a positive life associated with charity and religious and spiritual activity, as well as with occultism and psychology.

12th House synastry aspects

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

In a positive version of Mars in 12th House synastry, the activity of the partner will direct you to the path of service – which one, the position of the 12th House in your natal chart will show. At some point, the partner will become the object of this service and may require sacrifices from you, promising something intangible but perhaps very attractive to you in return.

At a high level of spiritual development, a Mars in Twelfth House synastry partner will be able to give you a lot, but only after your preliminary purification – by sacrifices and repentance in the first place. At a low level, his ruthless exploitation of your strengths and hopes is quite likely. In the 12th House, karma is unleashed, often going back to past incarnations, so your sufferings brought on by this partner may seem to fall out of your general life story.

Mars in Twelfth House synastry partners will help you develop genuine humility and the ability to see any experience as a valuable and unique opportunity to participate in spiritual evolution by personal self-denial and to directly feel the response of the Universe.

from A. Podvodny

For women

Mars in 12th House synastry can create intense and passionate love affairs for women. The 12th House is associated with secret feelings and hidden subconscious desires, which can make the connection between partners mysterious and deep. When Mars is placed in this house, it can indicate a strong sexual attraction and a desire to explore each other’s hidden depths.

However, this synastry can also bring some challenges, as the 12th house is also responsible for self-undoing and subconscious fears. It’s important for both partners to be aware of any hidden emotional issues and to communicate openly to avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts. If handled positively, Mars in 12th House synastry can lead to a transformative and powerful relationship that helps both partners grow and evolve on a deep evolutionary level.

Advanced astrology

Mars in 12th House gives rise to two possible challenges for a person: either the native dedicates all their energy to the pursuit of high vibrations, becoming very creative and intelligent—or they begin sacrificing other people in an effort to gain power and control.

Mars in 12th House people often experience loneliness when they feel strong and waste energy. It seems to them that the world and other people are turning away at such times, because their actions are inappropriate. At a low level, the native falls into an energy depression or is too aggressive in his attempts to penetrate the world around him. However, the world often resists people’s efforts to change it by showing aggression that is a reflection of the person’s own unconscious hostility. In this case, the secret enemy of a Mars in the 12th house person is subconscious aggression feasting on brute energy. When Mars is in a tense aspect to Neptune, strong phobias and uncontrollable outbursts of rage are possible.

In an alternative scenario, Mars in 12th House habitually alternates between several types of behavior, which makes him a target for aggression from outside sources as well as internal ones. This makes the native regard his own gentleness and concessions as an unnecessary weakness that should be eradicated while in reality the person should deal with the repressed emotions instead. If a person denies the lower principle in himself, he will not be able to love anyone else. But if he loves himself, then—that is, when his self-love is well balanced by its opposite of concern for others’ feelings and thoughts (as opposed to one’s own)—he will also be able to love others.

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