New relationship tarot spread

Relationship tarot spread: does he love me?

Do you feel like something is missing from your life? Is it just not enough time with the person who matters most, or do other issues come into play and make you worry? If so, the relationship Tarot spread can give insight into what might be causing this sensation of unfulfillment while also giving recommendations on how to fix such things up.

Unsurprisingly, Tarot cards are often used to seek answers about love relationships. With this spread, you can find out if your relationship (new or old) has the potential for success in the future. It will also give insights into how two people’s lives come together which might help you make an informed decision on whether or not they should continue their partnership.

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Understanding the relationship Tarot spread cards

Atrologist’s advice: before attempting any reading, learn how to properly cleanse Tarot cards.

Do you have doubts concerning your relationship? Or you would like to understand it, but you’re not sure how or where to start with all this information from self-proclaimed Tarot experts on what could be going wrong in a romantic partnership? Well, checking several sources is probably a good idea, but the truth is: the relationship Tarot spread is not hard at all!

The four cards making it are:

  • The past: what do I live for?
  • The present: what is happening right now?
  • The future: what’s next?
  • The final outcome: how will things turn out in the end?

Let’s consider them in more detail.

The Past

This Relationship Tarot spread card is symbolic of where you started and what has shaped your past relationship, as well as what you are bringing to new love engagements by default.

The Present

This card symbolizes how you and your partner are currently interacting with each other and what the status quo of your relationship is.

The Future

The future card indicates where your relationship going at this time. Note that this isn’t the final outcome yet but the current trajectory. For example, if you get the 10 of Swords, it means it’ll be over soon, but what the separation will bring is explained by the last card.

The Outcome

This is arguably the most important card in the relationship tarot spread. Think about it this way: you may think that what you are looking for in a romance is joy and fulfillment of your desires, but what matters the most is what kind of person you become as a result of it. Thus, if the first three cards are all bad and the fourth one is, say, the Kind of Swords, this means you’ll come out a lot more powerful and in control of yourself as a result of the relationship. And, since you can apply the new qualities to new relationships for the rest of your life, this is a very good deal.

Naturally, you’ll need to understand what each of the cards you draw means. However, some cards acquire special meaning in the relationship Tarot spread, so let’s discuss one of them that gets misinterpreted way too often.

The Devil Card

To understand the meaning of the Devil in this spread, you need to remember that romantic relationships come in all shapes and sizes and, while there are common things most people look for, there is also a great variety of love experiences.

You probably know that the chains on the man and the woman in the Devil card signify the physicality we are all bound by. Well, this physicality is the same for everybody, the difference is only in the concrete shapes it takes. In other words, if what you look for in a relationship is kinky sex of a specific kind that’s hard to get because most people are not into that kind of thing, the Devil is one of the best cards you can draw for either the Present or the Future because it can mean finding a partner who either already shares the same passion, or is open to exploring it without prejudice.

In fact, the Devil may be the best card to draw if you struggle to admit to yourself that you have such tendencies. Remember: religion and society alike put a ton of hypocritical limitations on the freedom of sexual expression, which makes many people unhappy, repressed and sick with guilt. And if what you like in bed does not harm anyone, that’s fine, whatever that is, and the Devil can help you come to terms with yourself. This doesn’t mean giving in to the “dark side in us” or whatever other nonsense is promoted on social media and everywhere else. No, this means accepting the chain of physicality that marks every human being and living on without feeling bad about something you can’t and shouldn’t try to change.

By the way: in case you were wondering, the Bible says that Mary was a virgin when she got pregnant with Jesus because that’s the easiest way to show how imperfect real people are compared to a fairy tale. Well, people do need to get messy to get pregnant, but guess what: that’s the way nature works, and that’s how we were meant to be. The Devil in the relationship Tarot spread can help you understand and accept that, which may significantly increase the amount of joy you derive from life in general, so do yourself a favor and go beyond the conventional shortsightedness by considering all the possible interpretations of the card’s emergence in the reading.

Does he love me Tarot spread

The Relationship Tarot spread may be the start of something incredible or prove that you and your partner are better off as friends. In either case, Does he love me Tarot spread should shed some light on the situation. You will draw four cards just as you did in the previous version, but this time you need to have the intent of finding out how your partner feels about you.

The cards will mean the following:

  • first, how you really feel about your partner;
  • second, how your partner feels about you;
  • third, what the current state of the relationship as a whole is; and
  • fourth, what the future will hold

Here is a sample interpretation.

The Hermit — The Lovers — The Chariot — The Tower

A seemingly superpowerful combination that is actually a lot worse than it may appear. First off, the Hermit drawn as the first card means that you have a lot of second thoughts about the relationship and the partner and aren’t as excited as you may suspect yourself to be. The Lovers as the second card suggests that the partner does love you and seeks deep reciprocal feelings from you, which may be the root of your own problem as you don’t want to commit as much and as soon as he does. The Chariot means that, despite all the issues, the relationship is steady and under control, likely because of the balance as you provide appropriate doses of both passion and sobriety. But the Tower promises that sooner or later the relationship will reach an impasse and you both will feel caught, although for completely different reasons: you because you doubt your partner, and he because his feelings are not reciprocated to the extend he wants.

The Sun drawn fourth foretells optimism while the Devil may indicate unhealthy codependence involving substance abuse.

The new relationship Tarot spread variation

For most people, the future of their new relationship is unclear. Tools like Tarot spreads can help provide insight into where things are headed and if it will lead to a “happily ever after” or a break up for good. This doesn’t mean that the spread will carve it in stone, but it will certainly provide a framework for further thinking.

The new relationship Tarot spread is a good method to validate the connection you two have. You’re thinking of going steady with your partner, but are they ready? This is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. However, this might be just the right time when this makes perfect sense for both of you.

More relationship Tarot spreads to consider

There are many other types of relationship Tarot spreads, such as how does he feel about me, is he the right one for me, and many others. We’ll mention just a couple of those that are more popular.

Breakup Tarot Spread

You may perhaps be experiencing like your time was lost on one individual who ended up smashing the relationship. You can look at their side, even though it didn’t act for them, and learn from what takes place in the bond so that when something does happen again – hopefully, none too soon!

What is the best part of your relationship? What would have made it worthwhile even if there were nothing else? For example, if you pulled three cups in a row this may mean there were some fun times together. But what about the times when things weren’t going that we: did your partner take good care of you? Yet there’s always something important to learn from our past experiences, and the breakup Tarot spread can help you identify what that is even if there is no hope to rescue the relationship.

The compatibility Tarot Spread

The compatibility Tarot spread will tell both parties what they should do to remain happy once the initial romance dissipates. Many people forget to work on themselves when their relationship’s honeymoon phase is over. But this can be a crucial move in making sure the other person doesn’t leave you because they don’t feel loved or appreciated by their partner anymore.

The compatibility spread should help you evaluate the amount of work required from you and your partner to keep the relationship going, so in the end, you may well decide that it’s not worth the effort to keep salvaging the relationship that no longer works.

Relationship Tarot Spread — Final Thoughts

The relationship Tarot spread is an excellent way to get an understanding of your romantic love life and answer pertinent questions like “Does he love me?”. Additionally, this Tarot spread will help with any questions about breakups, pros & cons of new relationships, and it’s even been known as an effective tool for dealing with one-sided friendship (as in some cases it resembles unrequited love)!

We hope you found this information useful and recommend checking out the Soulmate Tarot Spread to get an even better understanding of the subject.