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Sun in 6th House Synastry

Sun in 6th House synastry relationships are meant to teach how to ask your partners for help when their initiative can actually be useful. The partners, on the other hand, first need to understand what you need and only then tell you what to do.

The personality carrying a large “Solar” impulse can easily stimulate and guide the personality of the Sixth House in matters of career, work, health and the overall creative potential. Sun in 6th House synastry is common between employers and employees, and these relationships are especially effective when they emerge in the fields of finance and large business, provided the Sixth House is not afflicted.

In this partnership, the energetically stronger personality assumes the role of a spiritual and ideological leader and guru. This is fairly standard for the tandem “doctor-patient”. This and other types of Sun in 6th House synastry tandems are keenly interested in matters of fashion, hygiene and social behavior, and they tend to share each other’s view.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Sun in 6th House Synastry Explained

A Sun in 6th House synastry partner may be very surprised by how seriously you react to their initiative as you will tend to act as they tell you as opposed to discussing it. But if they assume that you are in their hands, they will be wrong. The reason is because you follow your partner’s direction only in those matters that promise your own benefit.

Naturally, it’s not something people talk about out loud, but you expect your Sun in Sixth House synastry partner to understand that still. If, however, you don’t see any understanding on their part, you may shutter their plans by acting the opposite of what they are used to seeing from you.

Your Sun in 6th House synastry partners should know that this aspect affects you deeply even though you may not show that openly. And, if the partner’s will goes against the work you are doing, the partner becomes a serious obstacle and will be treated accordingly. After all, we all have at least some idea of what we need to be doing in life, so when someone’s “Solar” initiative does not help you they will likely be perceived as an overbearing dilettante who’d be much better off minding his or her own business.

from A. Podvodny

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