Mercury in 2nd House Synastry

Mercury in 2nd House Synastry makes it so that the reasoning and persuasive speeches of your partner somehow evade your consciousness, yet forming a certain section of the background of your existence that cannot always be disregarded as white noise. However, talking about topics that matter to you (what he or she will have a penchant for), your partner can draw your attention to your life position, often injuring your pride. This can make you withdraw; but if this happens, it means a flaw in your ethical values. Consequently, it will be difficult for your partner to communicate with you because either you ignore their words, or you take them too close to the heart.

Despite this negative feedback, a Mercury in 2nd House synastry partner will constantly have a desire to discuss serious matters with you: good and evil, life choices, financial and political issues, etc. He or she may want to make a business deal with you, or start a financial enterprise, but they should bear in mind that the main gain or loss, both financial and ethical, will be yours even if at first it seems the opposite.

In general, Mercury in 2nd House synastry is good for business partnerships, but the roles must be fixed: your partner engages in the specific Mercurial activity (search for partners, negotiations, etc.) while you establish the ethical boundaries and general direction (strategy) of your enterprise.

by A. Podvodny

Mercury in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Mercury in 2nd House synastry tends to form business and professional relationships, as long as the Mercury is not afflicted. Serious business ties are established between individuals, and they can successfully solve complex financial challenges at a strategic level.

The “Mercurial” personality stimulates (both mentally and intellectually) the identity of the Second House in matters of rational and effective entrepreneurial management; this, in turn, provides all kinds of financial support to the ideas of the “Mercury” person. The joint activities of these partners can be effectively developed in the fields of scientific activity and art.

by Geocult

2nd House Synastry



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