Men and Women with Chiron in Cancer

Chiron in Cancer

Chiron in Cancer resembles a cute domestic cat purring peacefully at your feet; but if you forget to feed her, she will immediately sink her sharp claws into your flesh. The drive for power and the desire to beat the world into submission is ever-present and it becomes even stronger if the Sun is in a Fire or Earth Sign. It is extremely undesirable for Chiron in Cancer people to become leaders because their unbridled lust for power can cause great harm.

Key character traits

Chiron in Cancer is a promising position allowing the planet to manifest itself harmoniously without causing too much trouble. The main challenge is the internal conflict between the desire to start a family and that to maintain independence.

The key karmic task of Chiron in Cancer is learning honesty: both with others and with oneself. The root of all problems (which is also your main resource) is your own inner world with a huge number of opportunities for development and growth.

Learn to take every situation positively and derive positive experiences that will propel you forward even from failures. Raise your energy level, look for something that fulfills you and gives you strength. Don’t let yourself get sucked into apathy and laziness because getting out will become increasingly harder over time.

Remember: you came to this world not only for material gains but primarily for spiritual growth. Be sure to take time to meditate and work on your own beliefs to expand your world picture and learn to see the possibilities available to you.

Chiron in Cancer Women

A Chiron in Cancer woman is not particularly keen on relationships, family, or children. She wants to study herself and the world around her, travel, and improve her existence.

She can be very cunning and even insidious when dealing with people if she needs it to achieve her goals. A Chiron in Cancer woman skillfully manipulates others: her talent to influence people is inborn and she perfects it throughout her life.

Chiron in Cancer gives her the ability to deeply understand herself, her desires, and needs, so she is not easily influenced by someone else’s opinion and is very self-sufficient. Thus, it may be hard to communicate with her, but if you become friends she is likely to be your powerful ally for a long time.

Fate opens up unusual paths for a Chiron in Cancer woman, and these opportunities should be used by not shying away from what the world is willing to give. Then she will be able to achieve success without locking herself at home and indulging in illusions and self-pity.

Astrologers’ advice: strive to be honest not only with yourself but also with those around you. Try not to deceive anyone: the backfire for lying will be harsh. Do not choose the easy paths: look for the less-traveled ones that can lead you to the goal through hard work and perseverance.

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Chiron in Cancer Men

Fate constantly challenges Chiron in Cancer men by creating difficult situations where they have to reevaluate their core beliefs, so growth for such men lies in constant revival.

It is important to find a balance between spiritual and material development. Do not only satisfy your physical needs but take care of your spiritual needs also: this is the shortest path to pleasure and true happiness.

It is only through his own spiritual growth that a Chiron in Cancer man can influence other people (which he desires very much). If he succeeds, they become a valuable resource as he finds friends and patrons who will play a big role in the formation of his personality and life success.

It is important to learn how to manage your own emotions. A Chiron in Cancer man should look for the root of all problems in himself instead of blaming others: this will give a tremendous edge in managing your entire life as a whole.

Astrologer’s advice: balance every area of your life. Do not focus on one thing: instead, strive to pay equal attention to work, relationships, and spiritual development. Look for sources of inspiration and emotions that energize you and turn to them when you need to replenish the spent power.

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Chiron in Cancer: advanced astrology

Chiron in Cancer implies fundamental work on oneself and mastering both the emotional life and the ability to direct internal transformations (one’s own and that of others). In its underdeveloped form, Chiron creates impossible situations which should overturn Cancer’s default programs of perception (especially emotional and existential ones) and draw a picture that’s completely different from what Cancer is used to. In the most refined version, however, a Chiron in Cancer person can use his mind and will to build his essence if it were that of a movie character.

Chiron gives Cancer a ladder to descend into its own depth without losing its mind. Chiron materializes many programs of Cancer’s subconsciousness and brings them into consciousness if Cancer is ready. In the developed version of the aspect, Chiron also shows Cancer which behavioral patterns have become obsolete, which belong to the lower self, and which are the ones to focus on. Thus, Chiron facilitates Cancer’s self-expression, offering unexpected ways for this as profound emotional and existential experiences come to the fore.

In the undeveloped scenario, Chiron puts on a grotesque performance playing on the person’s most intimate emotions and feelings, and if this show is taken too seriously one could simply die of disappointment. Fortunately, Chiron embellishes these potentially traumatic experiences with such gusto that, according to the law of grotesque, the tragedy eventually becomes ridiculously funny, so there is a shift of perception and in the emotional attitude to what’s going on.

If Chiron is afflicted, this process can be painful and one will not want to reconsider her views on anything. But Chiron will make sure that, by feeling offended, Cancer will also look stupid in its own eyes, so sooner or later it will be forced to stop messing around and take an honest look at itself.

When that happens, it becomes possible to eliminate most karmic problems by internal efforts, although this will require further honesty to rise above the emotions protecting the most vulnerable corners of the subconscious: those associated with the necessity to admit one’s own mistakes and take personal responsibility for the failures of the past.