As a consultant, I find many people come to astrology with preconceived ideas of what it can or cannot deliver. Astrology is nothing to be scared of. It is in a sense a study of your own possibilities, it helps you come to terms with your day-to-day existence.

I can't tell you when you will die, how many kids you will have, or your lucky numbers for lotto.

What I can tell you is - my goodness where do I start ... I probably won't tell you anything that you don't already know, but I will show you how to get in touch with what lies beneath the surface, and reaffirm what you already know or suspect in order to put that into perspective with where your life is at now. I can focus on your relationships, your financial situation, your career, work, love affairs, friendships, travel, home, children - whatever it is that is of concern to you at this time in your life.

I will give you a view of the year ahead - pointing out when you might expect the stresses and challenges, the ease and harmonious periods - which gives you the opportunity to work with the energies that are around you.

I look at Astrology as a wonderful guide, and for understanding people. It has been an invaluable tool for understanding my children, my family and friends, the people I work with. And after forty years of teaching and consulting, like all eternal students I continue to learn - my students and clients being my primary source of inspiration.

Astrology is a subject that knows no boundaries, there is always something new to discover or rediscover, a new facet to explore, a different way of looking at a particular aspect of the chart.

Welcome to my world of Astrology!

© Carol Squires, 2018
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