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"Star forecast" informs on the current astrological climate that affects us all. I hope you find this information interesting in relation to how you're experiencing your life right now.

For those with birthdays coming up, I also include information on when the Sun enters each sign every month.

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Note: all times mentioned in this article are either New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT), 13 hours ahead of GMT, or New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), 12 hours ahead of GMT, as indicated.

What's in store for 2013?
We entered the new year just two days after a glorious full moon, always symbolic of attainment and achievement, of reaching the pinnacle of success - or otherwise. How was 2012 for you? How would you have done things differently? What are your goals and aspirations for 2013, and what do you need to do to achieve those goals?

With all the display and fireworks, the partying and singing that accompanies our entry into a new year - and this new year with the Moon in the fiery sign of Leo which always loves to make a splash, to be bigger and better than anyone else - what more appropriate sign could you ask for when celebration and enjoyment is on the menu.

But this is also a very reflective time, and again the lunar phase shows us the way. Against the waning phase of the moon, we are drawn to consider how far we have come and what we have achieved. No matter who we are we all have a wealth of experience to call on, from just having got to the point where we are now.

With Mercury in the more pragmatic sign of Capricorn adding his influence to the mix, we are urged to call on past experience, our failures, our achievements, our hopes dashed or realised. What do we need to change in order to achieve our hopes and dreams for the year ahead?

Identifying the planetary energies and how we can work with them, to take advantage of the harmonious times and plan for the challenges of the difficult ones, is very much part of how I work with astrology.

What follows is a guide, albeit a general one - for to truly benefit from the astrology guidelines you do need to consult a professional astrologer who will work with your personal natal (birth) chart.  But meanwhile, here are a few pointers . . . 

19 January - Mercury enters Aquarius
20 January - Sun enters Aquarius
30 January - Jupiter stationary, turns Direct
19 February - Sun enters Pisces
19 February - Saturn turns Retrograde
23 February - Mercury turns Retrograde
18 March - Mercury stationary, turns Direct
21 March - Sun enters Aries
22 March - Venus enters Aries
7 April - NZ Daylight Time (NZDT) ends - clocks go back 1 hour
13 April - Pluto turns Retrograde
20 April - Sun enters Taurus

Read on for the full picture . . .

20 April 2013: Happy Birthday Taurus!

All Venus ruled star-sign Taureans can start celebrating birthdays from 20 April 10.03 am NZST to be exact as the Sun enters their sign. For this month* all babies born on that day, but before 10.03 am will be Aries star-signs the changeover point commonly referred to as being "on the cusp".

21 May 2013: Happy Birthday Gemini!

All Mercury ruled star-sign Geminians can start celebrating birthdays from 21 May
— 9.10 am NZST to be exact as the Sun enters their sign. For this month* all babies born on that day, but before 9.10 am will be Taurus star-signs the changeover point commonly referred to as being "on the cusp".

21 June 2013: Happy Birthday Cancer!

All Moon-ruled star-sign Cancerians can start celebrating birthdays from 21 June
— 5.04 pm NZST to be exact as the Sun enters their sign. For this month* all babies born on that day, but before 5.04 pm will be Gemini star-signs the changeover point commonly referred to as being "on the cusp".

8 July 2013, 5.12 pm : Saturn turns Direct

Refer to entry for 19 February when Saturn turned retrograde. Saturn turns direct showing the way is clear for you to proceed with the knowledge that with the solid foundations in place you can now start to build with confidence that the future is in your hands.

29 September 2013 : NZ Daylight time begins

Clocks forward 1 hour, 2 am NZT (3 AM NZDT). Daylight time ends on 6 April 2014. For more info on NZ Time changes go to NZ standard/summer times

to be continued . . .

last updated 4 January 2013

Part articles, still relevant today . . .

Looking back, looking forward:

Some thoughts on Pluto's transit through Capricorn . . .

Back in 23 February 2009 I had to smile at that morning's headlines in the New Zealand Herald:

"Tight times are here to stay . . . Finance Minister spells
it out for everyone - restraint is forever"

Forever is a very long time; but with the aid of astrology and knowledge of planetary cycles, astrologers can identify the influences reflecting the current times. Much has been said about the planet Pluto moving into Capricorn as the harbinger of the need to tighten our belts, to make do with less — restraint in all areas of life, particularly our finances.

After entering Capricorn in late January 2008, the signs were all there but perhaps not taken as seriously as they should have. After 6 months, Pluto retrograded back into the previous sign of Sagittarius bringing to light the excesses and greed that had taken place for so long. Pluto in Capricorn is now exacting payment, its effect  becoming palpable from late November 2008 as it settles in for the long haul throughout its sojourn through the sign.

So how long is forever? Pluto's transit through Capricorn lasts until 2024.

But it doesn't need to be all economic doom and gloom. With this comes a positive side; moderation is not all that bad is it? Getting back to basics — to growing your own food and enjoying the freshness and nourishment that comes from that, has got to be good; the establishment of community gardens, of communities working together. Sustainability is another buzzword of our time, respect for our environment and utilising our natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of an area.

Pluto breaks down and eliminates, destroys but in Capricorn it also rebuilds. More than ever before, we need to work with Pluto not against it. For if we don't change with the current times, the change will be made for us.

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*Note: Because of earth's elliptical orbit around the Sun, the time and date differs from year to year.

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