Mercury Retrograde - I Will Return!

I thought I'd lost it – my gold watch that is. Searched all the usual places, in the car, under the car, emptied out my handbag/s, jacket pockets, any pocket, under and around cushions, furniture – any suspect place where I might have dropped or mislaid it.

A horary might give a clue of course, and this one cast at the time I realised I'd lost my watch looked promising. Look to the 2nd House to signify my gold watch: Taurus on cusp, and very appropriately Venus, ruling jewelry, in the sign of its rulership. My gold watch is fine, in horary-speak in a very healthy position. But retrograde – in horary a retrograde planet can be seen as a weakening effect but I found it to be positively hopeful: anything retrograde has to return, so that might just suggest that indeed I will get it back.

I am the querent: 1st House. Aries rising and ruler Mars in Sagittarius, so I'm feeling optimistic about getting the watch back. Add to this the Moon conjunct the ascendant is conjunct my natal Venus, backed up by the trine from horary Mars.

Saturn in the 7th House of a horary chart is a consideration before judgement, and rules the astrologer. Such a placement normally urges the astrologer to proceed with caution, particularly if it rules the 10th House of reputation, as it does in this case. But I am my own astrologer, and usually I apply the rule if Saturn is in the 1st House when the question is one I ask myself. This, I might add, is a 'rule' that has worked well for me in the past. And besides, I reasoned, here in Libra it is exalted and disposited by Venus in its own sign, so it's got to be good!

But where is my gold watch? In the 7th House, Venus as significator of the watch is in the western section of the chart. Libra rules bedrooms, dressing rooms and wardrobes. My bedroom faces west, and I have a walk-in wardrobe, so that made sense. A thorough search of said room, numerous pockets turned inside out, handbags tilted of their contents onto the floor, etc, etc, yielded nothing but mounting frustration. I finally gave up, called the horary chart a load of rubbish and proceeded to go through life determined not to ever want to wear a watch again.

Twenty weeks later, an autumn nip is in the air. It is around 1.50 pm on 6th April 2011. I go into my wardrobe and dig out last winter's fleecy jackets and woollen jerseys in preparation for the chilly days ahead. Put on a sleeveless fleecy jacket. Feel something heavy in the pocket.

Mercury is retrograde. The watch has returned. Hello gold watch, nice to see you again.

© Carol Squires

New Zealand Journal of Astrology, 2011#1

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