Is my friend OK?

Is my friend OK? A simple question with a very simple answer. I was speaking to my friend on the phone when suddenly the line went dead mid-sentence, all contact lost. Was she OK? Put up a chart – as one does!

My friend is signified by the 11th House, ruled by Jupiter strongly dignified in its own sign of Pisces, in the 10th . She couldn’t be better, she’s fine, no problem.

We really don’t need to look any further but we could . . .
I am the querent signified by Venus in Aries ruling the ascendant, disposited by Mars in Leo in the 3rd : I am not in a strong position due to issues concerning communication. Mars in turn is in mutual reception with Sun in Aries in the 11th – back to my friend. The co-significator of the question, the Moon is also strongly placed in Cancer and past the square to Venus, the square showing the difficulty but it’s strong placement saying nothing to worry about (technically, Moon is also void-of-course).

So many things saying the same: nothing to worry about, my friend is just fine. But essentially, the moral of the story with our horaries is to keep it simple: to answer my question I needed to look no further than as related in the 1st paragraph.

What had happened: a Telecom maintenance lineman working outside her home had cut her off. Full service restored shortly thereafter.

Carol Squires
The New Zealand Journal of Astrology, 2010#2

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